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About LionHeart Kingdom Marketing

About the Company:

LionHeart Kingdom Marketing has a singular mission, to help alternative health providers grow to their full potential. Through our work, we strive to create a community that will nurture those who aspire to grow as individuals and become pillars of their communities.

As a client, You deserve results-driven online marketing strategies from a company you can trust. We vow to partner with our clients and pair them with the services that will drive them to success.

Lionheart Marketing is an agency created for business owners who just don’t have the time to commit to driving dynamic marketing campaigns. That’s what we are for, having the experience and skills to free up our client’s time while providing them with industry insights and trackable results.

From Deanna:

 “I never thought I would find myself where I am today. Nearly 20 years ago the course of my life changed irrevocably.  My father almost died and I left school and my chosen career path to care for him.  But, it was all for the best. 

I learned to lean on my then boyfriend and the bond that grew between us was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Jeremy became my rock and when we decided to marry, it wasn’t a hard choice to change my dreams and devote my life to him and the children we would have.

Then, in 2022, when the world was just beginning to recover, my world changed again. The reality that my husband would work every day, for the rest of his life, and we would have little to show for it sank in.  We had to change direction.  Through lots of hard work, I found the tools I needed to educate myself and start my agency. That is how we got where we are today.

 I love working with mental health providers, holistic healers, and alternative medicine practices.  It is an underserved community hidden away at the edges of the internet.  

Many of these much-needed professionals have websites and social media that aren’t doing anything but wasting their time and creating headaches and anxiety for them. If they trust us, we can help them fix that.

Your website should be a point of pride.  On the internet, it is the equivalent of your waiting room or storefront. Let me ease your mind and take these problems away.”